Test Automation

Test automation for your web and mobile apps helps you improve the quality of your software while spending less money, time, and resources.

Automate your tests with Mechatrontech

Frequent manual system updates risk jeopardizing past functionalities while guaranteeing that the current release performs better than the previous iterations. The manual upgrading process also takes a lot of time and money. The use of automated testing, on the other hand, has several advantages. Reducing the execution and regression testing durations makes it feasible to deliver applications more often without sacrificing product quality. Mechatrontech's cost-effective test automation solutions support your corporate needs and endeavors by creating unique strategies that align with your company's objectives. Our engineers conduct thorough tool evaluations using industry best practices and offer an optimized tool inventory that meets your unique demands and goals.

Our simplified processes

Mechatrontech offers solid automation frameworks

Mechatrontech, with its decades of experience and expertise, has built a solid framework for automation comprising of the following:

  • Thorough test library
  • Defined scripting conventions
  • Elimination of redundant code
  • Fewer overhead updates for the tests
  • Reusable programs

Test automation services

Mechatrontech’s benchmark to deliver quality solutions is to give you the unique technical expertise and decades of experience required for your project requirements. Here are a few of the services we provide:

  • Planned test automation
  • Variety of tools
  • Setting up the test environments for iOS, Android, and web applications
  • Data preparation for tests
  • Cybersecurity verification
  • Creation and maintenance of test scripts
  • Testing results and standard reports