We provide high-tech engineering solutions to our clients globally

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Mechatrontech | Who we are

We are a custom product design and development firm specialized in mechanical and electrical engineering with over 30 years of experience in developing high-tech IIoT products for our clients. Mechatrontech provides a complete end-to-end solution from concept to product launch and field support. We test our clients' products with global industry and quality standards without compromising the time-to-market. Explore our core services shown below.

Systems hardware engineering

Product design and development

Our design for manufacturing services help you standardize your product for quality production. Design processes involve thorough research, simulation, and analysis of each part to ensure the best quality.

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High precision fabrication

Rapid prototyping

We convert your concepts into reality and create a minimum viable product to initiate the manufacturing process. We use state-of-the-art technology to rapidly fabricate or 3D print the parts that are required for the prototype.

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Material waste reduction

Lean manufacturing

Mechatrontech team manufactures every part with top precision while constantly reducing material wastage. Our engineers ensure your products' prices are the most cost-effective in the market and has the best quality.

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Electronic waste recycling

E-waste monetization and disposal

Unlock the value of your electronic waste with our expert monetization and disposal services. Turn e-waste into revenue while ensuring responsible disposal practices.

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Sourcing, procurement, logistics

Supply chain management

We collaborate and form partnerships with various companies around the globe to source and procure the best-in-the-market parts and components for prototyping and manufacturing.

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Industries we serve

Our team consists of highly experienced, talented, and qualified professionals who have extensive knowledge of global industrial and quality standards, and regional regulatory requirements. Mechatrontech serves various industries around the world which involves high-tech engineering, complex systems, and internet of things.

Consumer electronics
Heavy equipment