Product Design

Design and developing high-tech engineering products, sub-systems, and systems for our clients with extensive quality and comprehensive features that adhere to international industrial standards.

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We believe that great products begin with great designs and inspirations, and our product design help you develop compelling IIoT products with deep technical capabilities. Product design and development is a very lengthy process, and can be expensive if companies do not follow a systematic approach to design a product and do not have the expertise required.
Our product design cycle starts with research, then we move towards functional specifications and User Experience considerations. Once we gather the requirements, we then focus on conceptual designs and produce 3D models and animations to present the design to the client.
While in the design phase, we take into consideration many aspects that affect the ultimate product in so many ways; for example, we consider feasibility, functionality, reliability, and manufacturability. We work closely with the clients at the design phase to make sure we are combining our energies towards the same goal.

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Why choose us?

1. Cost-effective product design services
2. Extensive simulations and analysis
3. Complete package of design for manufacture
4. Experience in customizations for wide range of industries
5. State-of-the-art design and development equipment and technologies
6. End-to-end product development lifecycle management services

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What we offer

In product design services, Mechatrontech has the following key competencies:

Concept sketches

We work on hand-drawn sketches to build concepts, possibilities and vision of how the product should look like.

3D modeling

We transform inspirations and conceptual arts, and sketches, into 3D models with multiple possible iterations and configurations.

CAD design

We form engineering drawings of every model down to the part and component for better understanding and knowledge.

Product packaging

Our designs and models are prepared for manufacturing and designed for better packaging to avoid any damage during shipping.

Simulation and analysis

Our designs are tested for flaws with every possible scenario and condition before manufacturing and field deployment.

Reverse engineering

Our team studies every technology and innovation deeply to understand the complete mechanics of the product before working on it.