Rapid Prototyping

Transforming your concepts into reality with rapid prototyping through fabrication and 3D printing complying with international standards and regulatory bodies, tested and built for mass production

Realize your product vision quickly
through eliminating risks

After the product design phase, we make product prototypes based on 3D models. These prototypes represent the physical models of 3D design. Prototypes are a great way to think of and incorporate design improvements. Prototypes also allow companies to mature the design to a maximum so that it is ready for mass production. The best thing about prototypes is that they can be developed quickly and are quite economical.

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We develop prototypes for our clients with the following advantages:

  1. Our clients are able to see actually what would the product be like once developed completely
  2. With prototypes, we are able to demonstrate the exact features as well as dimensions of the product
  3. The prototype can be tested rigorously before the actual manufacturing is started; this saves a lot of time and money
  4. Design flaws can be identified earlier on and improvements can be made
  5. The production process can be streamlined with the confidence that there are no faults in the design
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Our specialties

The core elements that we cover in our prototyping services include the following:

Invention prototyping

Innovating new designs and prototypes from scratch based on just theoretical concepts.

Prototyping model

Design for manufacture, instantly transforming designs into prototypes and fabrication.

Prototype fabrication

Components that go into the prototype assembly are fabricated in Machine Shop.